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Artist Statement


I have always been artistic, from growing up and creating wood carvings, building models, drawing and painting.  As an artist, I have discovered that my true passion is sculpture.  I enjoy working with my hands and bringing my creative ideas to life.  Creating sculptures allows me the freedom to either be very detailed, or quite abstract, depending on the emotions of the piece being created.

My artistic goals are to create sculptures that connect emotionally with the audience.  Whether the sculptures evoke feelings of patriotism, sorrow, joy or some other emotion, my art must first speak to me before it can be shared with others.  As an artist, each sculpture holds special significance to me.  It is the interpretation of others that continues to inspire new works.

I enjoy creating three-dimensional art that reflects my patriotism and my individual views on various issues throughout our country.  My sculptures represent an accumulation of concepts formed through my career in the military, and my views of the world.  My current works primarily focus on eagles, which to me represent the independence of our country and the freedoms we enjoy.   I am involved in commission works as well, and enjoy the process of bringing to life visions that each customer shares with me, and adding my artistic talents to create such unique sculptures.

Artist Bio

I have lived throughout the United States, as well as serving in the Air Force and traveling around the world.  My military career didn’t allow much time to pursue creativity or artistic expression.  After my retirement from the Air Force, I “rediscovered” my artistic side.  I took a sculpting workshop, and knew that this was the medium where I could best express myself and share all my artistry.

My inspiration sources are many, including my family, nature and my love of this great country in which we live.  The ability to be inspired by the people I meet and the things I see and experience are never-ending.   Each piece I create speaks to an emotion, idea, story or dream of mine, and I appreciate the opportunity to share that through my works.

I have been fortunate to participate in group exhibitions as well as competitions with my art, and have received some notable awards as well.  Here are some of the highlights:

2018:  Member of the National Sculpture Society

2017 Certificate of Excellence, “Freedom’s Price” sculpture, Association of Nebraska Art Clubs show, touring the state for one year. 

2017 Second place, “Freedom’s Price” sculpture, Columbus Area Artists Spring Show

2017 Honorable Mention, “Freedom’s Price” sculpture, Ernestine Quick Memorial Art Show 

2016 Honorable Mention, “Majesty” sculpture, Columbus Area Artists Spring Show

2014 Honorable Mention, “Loyalty” sculpture, Columbus Area Artists Spring Show

2014 Merit Award, “Greatest Fallen” sculpture, Columbus Area Artists Spring Show

2014 Merit Award, “Greatest Fallen” sculpture, Association of Nebraska Art Clubs Show, touring the state for one year.   

2013 People’s Choice Award, “Honoring the Fallen” sculpture, Ernestine Quick Memorial Art Show  

My works are currently on display at the Noyes Art Gallery in Lincoln, NE.  Additionally, some of my pieces are held in private collections throughout Nebraska and Wyoming.


An original bronze sculpture is appreciated for generations to come.


My studio space is kept free of distractions (phones, etc.). Please use this contact form or the phone number (leave message) listed below to contact me. I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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Ron Brooks

Columbus, NE 68601, US

(402) 563-1102